Having a job is a great way to grow your skills and confidence, as well as to make new friends – and of course, earn some money!

Supported Employment

Unisson Disability provides meaningful employment opportunities to assist you in reaching your career goals.

Our supported employment program allows you to learn new skills, earn a wage, make friends and thrive in your job. While we understand the importance of providing people with disability the opportunity to work in an open employment environment, some people require more support than others. Supported employment allows you to work with support while still making a meaningful contribution to the workforce. 

Our varied work options and work environments mean you have a choice in where you work and what you do. Our employment opportunities include:

  • Mail & Packaging (MailPlus)
  • Mowing & Gardening (Mowmentus)
  • Production & Assembly Tasks


Become part of our Mail & Packaging team at MailPlus and help us with pre-post and mailing, packaging and light assembly jobs for businesses.

The work is interesting and can vary from job to job. Types of work we do include:

  • Packing cosmetics into gift boxes for department store displays; 
  • Folding letters and collating; 
  • Inserting and preparing mail for post, and
  • Heat sealing packaging. 

We also offer:

  • Data cleansing and printing; 
  • Barcode printing; 
  • Variable date input; 
  • Letter collation and lodgement; 
  • Packaging and assembly; 
  • Pick and pack and light assembly work.

Apart from learning new skills, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends as you work. Staff from Unisson Disability are there to support you. You’ll be shown what you need to do and taught how to do it.


Do you like spending time outdoors, working in the garden? If yes, then Unisson Disability’s Mowing & Gardening business, Mowmentus is for you.

This team takes care of lawns and gardens for residential and commercial clients throughout Sydney. Our clients include municipal councils, state government, retirement villages, hospitals and more. Unisson Disability staff provide on-the-job support and training. We help you where you need and make sure you develop new skills and remain successful in your work.


Production & Assembly Tasks

Our Labour Hire service helps businesses with office or production/assembly tasks and provides work for people with a disability. As a supported employment program, all training is provided, and a member of the Unisson Disability team will support you.

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