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No Barriers for Corey

Like most 22-year-olds, Corey Atkinson, loves his independence and heading out to explore the city. So, he wasn't going to let his disability get in the way of his freedom!

Corey was matched with Harry, a Direct Support Professional from Unisson, and together they have been undertaking travel training.

Twice a week, they head out on a new adventure. It's been a heart-warming experience for Corey, whose progress and independence has grown immensely.

"I love doing the travel training with Harry, I feel more confident," he says. "We go out to all types of places and he's a really kind and helpful person."

Harry believes the travel training has also improved other areas of Corey's life. "I've seen such a growth in Corey's ability to have conversations with other people, and he's much more confident in social settings. He's come such a long way since we first started working together. He used to be very nervous, and that's no longer the case."

Corey is now looking brightly toward his future. "I'm excited to be able to go out on my own," says Corey. "I love being independent."