Changes to our Services

General Information related to all services and visitors to Unisson sites
(Updated July 14, 2021)

Due to the changing recommendations from NSW Health, we are reviewing our service provisions and making updates regularly. Please see the below for the latest response from Unisson and the changes to service provisions for each area.

We understand that the changes we make have a real impact on our clients and their families. The safety and wellbeing of clients and staff is our primary focus in our response strategy for COVID-19. We will continue to be guided by the advice of NSW Health and to keep you informed of any changes.

We know that COVID-19 is a real concern for our community. We are here to support you and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Recent Adjustments/Precautions:

- Supported Employment services (Pack Works & Ground Works) are closed until further notice, Community Access group supports (including Blue Apple Art Studios) have been suspended and support coordination meetings will be held virtually. For more detail on each service, see below.

- A decision-making risk assessment is being undertaken for all people entering any Unisson site.

- No visitors are allowed at any SIL or STA sites across Sydney, Central Coast, and Hunter Regions, except those providing essential care functions.

- If a staff member or visitor has attended one of the identified venues, is a close or casual contact, or has any symptoms, they are not permitted to enter any Unisson site.

- All visitors to ANY Unisson site are required to wear a surgical mask at ALL times during their visit (this is not an N95 mask). Unisson will provide disposable masks at the point of entry. Read this fact sheet on the correct usage of masks.

- Social distancing measures in place at all Unisson sites.

- All staff are working from home where possible.


Read below for more service-specific updates - effective until further notice.

Our Support Services

Community Access Services

Center-based Community Access Sites

Status: Service Suspended

All Community Access group services, including Blue Apple Art Studios, are suspended. The COVID-19 response group will meet to discuss the CAS reopen date and keep you informed. Exceptions need to be referred to the GM, Community Services for approval.


Community Access In the Community

Status: Services Active - Adjustment in Place

- Individual in-home and community supports may continue in consultation with the Manager.

- Unisson Shared Independent Living (SIL) clients:

1. Will be supported in home utilising Community Access Services staff.

2. Will NOT attend external day programs or employment until further notice.


Short Term Accommodation (STA) / Respite

Status: Limited Services Available

Our Respite (STA) service is active with limitations in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all clients.

- Bookings will be reviewed and you will be contacted where cancellations need to occur. 

- Exceptions need to be referred to the GM, Community Services for approval.

- No visitors to STA sites allowed until further notice. 


Supported Employment

Status: Service Suspended

Pack Works and Ground Works will be closed for all supported employees until further notice.


View our Supported Employment Easy Read document.


Support Coordination

Status: Service Active - Adjustments in Place

Support coordination is active with precautions in place. All meetings will be held digitally or over the phone to ensure the safety of clients and staff.

View our Support Coordination Easy Read document.


Supported Living

Status: Service Active - Adjustments in Place

Our essential Supported Living services are operating with precautions in place. The below cautions are also relevant to any shared living services.

- You or your family member will be supported to purchase masks and hand sanitizer if required. 

- Group supports have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

- Individual in-home and community supports may continue in consultation with the Manager.

- Continue to maintain 1.5-metre social distancing while in the community.

- Encouraging clients to still use online shopping, however, we will not restrict access to the shopping centre if that is preferred.

- Where appropriate we will avoid the use of public transport.

- Medical appointments will be supported physically if telehealth is not an option. Social distancing rules apply. Depending upon client support needs, we may support a client to the appointment and wait outside.

- Staff are required to wear a face mask while supporting clients and when in their home.

- Risk assessments in place for any staff member entering supported living homes.


View our Supported Living Easy Read document.


Shared Living

Status: Service Active - Adjustments in Place

Our Shared Living service is operating with precautions put in place. The precautions outlined above within Supported Living, also apply to Shared Living services. 

- No visitors are allowed, except those providing essential care functions.

- Clients are not permitted to visit families or friends in other households.

- All staff and essential care visitors must wear a surgical mask.

- Residents will be provided with appropriate PPE and infection control advice if needing to leave the facility for essential purposes.

- Residents will no longer be attending CAS programs hosted by external providers.

- Residents will no longer attend open employment or external ADE services.

- Exceptions need to be referred to the GM, Shared Living for approval.


Return to Other Provider Programs

The return to day programs and ADE/employment services that are run by other providers will be dependent on whether the provider's risk management plan of ADE and external CAS is aligned with Unisson’s approach, an assessment will be made by the client's Manager and Regional Manager when appropriate.

View our Shared Living Easy Read document.

Our Businesses

Blue Apple Art Studios

Status: Business Closed

Our Blue Apple Art Studios services have been suspended until further notice.

View our Community Access Services Easy Read document.


Unisson Works (Pack Works & Ground Works)

Status: Business Closed

Unisson Works (both Pack Works and Ground Works) services have been suspended until further notice.


View our Supported Employment Easy Read document.