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Empowering Fran's Choice and Control

Empowering an individual's choice and control is something for which Unisson stands steadfast. By assisting Unisson clients to interview and hire their own support worker, it allows people like Fran to be in the driver's seat when it comes to their own day-to-day support.

"It's so important to us to work collaboratively with our clients, and through their involvement in interviewing and hiring a support worker, we are able to provide them with choice and control over who is involved in their lives," says Kate Bryant, Fran's Team Leader at Unisson.

So, when Fran needed to arrange a new support worker to assist her with her day-to-day activities, Kate arranged for Fran to attend all interviews and to share her opinions on who she felt she connected with best.

Fran thoroughly enjoys reading, creating art and going out and participating in her local community; all common interests which she wanted to share with any prospective support worker.

For Fran, being involved in the hiring process of her support worker has meant that she has found people who offer her more than just support. They are people who also share common interests and connections. 

"I picked Lucy because she treats me nice, she reads books and I feel good about her. She helps me with budgeting, helps me with my lunch and takes me in the car," says Fran.

The experience has been rewarding for everyone involved, with Kate expressing how well the genuine bond between Fran and Lucy has been developing. "They connect on so many levels because of their shared interests and, without involving Fran in the recruitment process, we may not have known how well suited they were to one another."

Fran also says she enjoys choosing her own support people and appreciates the fact that Unisson staff treat her with respect and support her to make her own decisions. "I like Unisson because they treat me nicely and respectfully and always help me out," she says.

As Fran and Lucy continue to spend time together, Unisson continues to help people with disability to make important and personal connections with the people who provide support for them, day in, and day out.

Fran and Kate in the Pymble Art Studio