About Us

The most important thing you need to know about us… is Unisson.  It means what you think it means. No hidden or cryptic messaging. It is simple.  At Unisson, we aim to work with you. Alongside you. In collaboration. In relationship. In Unisson. 

There is one part that probably needs an explanation – the double SS. This is to retain a connection to our history and our previous name SunShine.

When we talk about collaboration and partnership it means that your goals are our goals, we really mean that. Whatever you want out of life, and however you want to go about getting there, we are along for the ride with you, and the ride is what we do best!

You see, to us, the ride is the journey, the relationship we build with you. We believe relationships don’t just make the world go round, they make it a better place for all of us to live.

We believe our people are different.  We only employ good people, people who embody our values.  Our people are the ones who want to make a difference in the world. We believe that small actions, can create big impact. We are the man who will let you go first in the checkout when you have fewer items. We are the woman who smiled at you with comfort when your young child once again had a tantrum in the shopping centre. We are the people that when we ask, ‘how are you?’ we stop and really listen to hear how you are. We are the people that believe a more inclusive world for people with disability is possible and we know our everyday actions will help create it. 

As an organisation we’ve been around forever! Well not forever but close to it, 95 years! We are proud of our history not because it means we are old, but because it means we have nostalgic and inspiring beginnings to lean on. Our beginnings which you can read about on our history page, continually inspire us towards our vision of a world where every person is welcomed – really welcomed not just waved at! 

You can read about what is ahead for us in our Strategic Plan in a brief one pager. We are excited about the future and all the great things that are possible when we work together in Unisson.

Our History

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Our Vision, Purpose & Connection

Our vision and purpose are inspired by the drive and dedication of our founder, Dr Lorna Hodgkinson. They are what guide our journey to creating an inclusive world. A world of equal opportunity. A world of choice. A world where YOU can live a great life.

Our Vision

A world where every person is welcomed.

Our Purpose

Working together to create possibilities for a great life.

Our Connection with You

At Unisson Disability, we believe human connection is the key to delivering a high standard of customer service to the people we support. Our unique service model is based on some key principles that guide our employees and give them the tools to build experiences with clients that have a substantial impact.

It’s what sets us apart as a provider of disability support to you and your family.

We believe in learning about people’s unique stories, searching for common ground, always finding the ‘yes’, being authentic and creating memorable connections with each individual that we support. The support we provide is what we do, the connection we create is HOW we do it.