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Measuring the Quality of Person-centred Active Support

When quality of support = quality of life, how confident can a person seeking disability support services be that good-quality person-centred active support will be provided? This research project by La Trobe University and a growing number of participating disability service providers aim to set industry benchmarks and make selecting a provider less of a leap of faith and more of an informed decision. 


Since 2013, Unisson (with consent from participating clients and families) has been a proud participant and co-sponsor of the La Trobe University Living with Disability Research Centre’s longitudinal study of Person-centred Active Support (PCAS or ‘Active Support’).  

This study, of support provided to people with mostly intellectual disabilities living in shared supported independent living (SIL) accommodation in Australia, uses evidence-based research methods to discover and share best practices and other predictors for delivering good-quality person-centred active support and to create industry benchmarks. Participating organisations receive an annual report-card and subsequent published academic papers advise industry stakeholders and service referral agencies and assist service users to make more informed choices based on the quality of a provider’s services. 

Unisson's Person-centred Active Support Results 

During the 6 years that we’ve been participating, Unisson has successfully applied the study’s recommendations and best practice findings to achieve ongoing improvement in the work that we do.  

We want people to be confident about the quality of Unisson’s person-centred active support, and we’re proud to share a summary of our results. 

Download Unisson's latest PCAS results