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Sunshine is now Unisson Disability

For far longer than the recent changes to the NDIS we’ve been thinking about a name change to our organisation.

We embarked on our own journey as an organisation to assess whether the name Sunshine was still the best representation of our values and our place in the disability sector.

We spoke to the people we support and their families, our employees and others in the disability sector and discovered that:

  • Sunshine gets confused with other disability support providers
  • A lot of people didn't know who we are
  • Our name could be much stronger in representing our mature leadership in the sector
  • Our clients and employees above all want to be proud of our name

A lot of research went into selecting our new name. We feel it better represents the togetherness, connection, support and progress that we strive for.

Our history is important to us, it’s how we’ve become one of the leading providers of disability support. And so we’ve kept our favourite parts of Sunshine in the new name – the “S” and the warmth and happiness of the orange and yellow colours. We’ve also added the word Disability to be really clear about what we do. 

What has NOT changed is our relationship with the people we support and their families. ‘Our facelift’ means we will now be represented in a way which is reflective of our differentiated approach to creating possibilities for our clients to live their best lives. We are not changing anything about our values as an organisation, our processes and the way in which we connect to our clients and our employees.

If you have any concerns about our change, please call 1300 266 222 or email info@unisson.org.au.