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Advice for those considering Supported Accommodation


Tracey Sherwin
Tracey Sherwin, Unisson Disability's Enquiries Manager


Tracey Sherwin is Unisson Disability’s Enquiries Manager. Over the years she’s helped many people navigate the practical and emotional aspects of moving into Supported Accommodation. Here’s her advice for a successful and enjoyable move.

Moving out of the family home is a natural, and emotional, rite of passage for all of us. For a person with disability, it’s the same – with some additional requirements and supports that need to be considered. During this emotional time, it’s important to choose a provider that places the needs of clients and their family at the centre of the process. They should be thorough in understanding your requirements, have procedures to provide a smooth transition and have in-depth knowledge of the NDIS. Some of the things you’ll consider together include:

  • The preferred location of your new home - proximity to family, community facilities, public transport
  • The type of support (drop-in to 24/7) and facilities you require (e.g. wheelchair accessible) and what your future needs might be
  • Who you’ll live with, separate dwelling or a shared house and the compatibility of housemates (age, gender, languages spoken, abilities, individual behaviours, interests, likes/dislikes)
  • Your support staff; their skills and the shared interests you’d like them to have
  • What equipment/furniture you’ll need
  • How you’d like to decorate/style your home

Once your requirements are documented, the experience becomes more exciting and enjoyable and you can then start visiting potential properties and meeting potential housemates.

It’s best to be proactive. Once a provider knows your requirements, they’ll consider you for vacancies at existing properties and notify you when they’ve sourced new properties that meet your requirements.

Having been proactive, you can take your time and make the right choice. It can take 3 to 6 months for clients to find and move into their new home, However, we also have clients who are happily living in their family home with a long-term goal of moving into Supported Accommodation when the timing and property is right.

If you’d like to know more, let’s start a conversation.

1300 266 222 or email info@unissondisability.org.au