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Unisson Works Launches

We are excited to announce that a new name and look has just arrived to Unisson’s supported employment businesses!

Our Disability Enterprises (Mailplus and Mowmentus) provide a workplace that offers specialised support to help people with disability do their job, learn new skills, earn a wage, make friends and develop a real sense of purpose, all while delivering real commercial benefits to our growing list of customers.

Since rebranding to Unisson Disability in November last year, we’ve been assessing whether our two Disability Enterprises (our mail and packaging business, Mailplus and our lawn and garden care business, Mowmentus) should better align with the overarching Unisson brand.

After undertaking market research with our customers, intermediaries and working with internal representatives, we realised that it was important to bring these businesses under the Unisson brand for these reasons:

  • Greater alignment with the rest of our services. We need to make it clear that our employment services are not separate from the rest of the organisation
  • To build equity in our employment services by leveraging the Unisson name and brand values. Now that we have a strong brand that represents what we do, it makes sense to expand this to all of our services
  • A stronger name and look to allow for marketing and sales support to grow our employment services. Refreshing these brands will allow us to evolve our Disability Enterprises and maximise market opportunities
  • Better education and awareness of the importance of employment for people with a disability

A lot of careful thinking and consultation went into selecting the new names. We took into account how we can attract and engage commercial businesses to work with us, and of course what our supported employees want and what will resonate best with them.

As of 2nd October, Unisson’s employment businesses are now known as Unisson Works. It's important that our supported employees identify with a workplace that is still unique from Unisson Disability. Therefore our Mailplus business has been rebranded to Pack Works and our Mowmentus business has been rebranded to Ground Works.

Check out the new section of our website dedicated to Unisson Works.