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Finding the YES in Open Employment!

At 30 years of age, Lisa's new job as a catering assistant reminds us of the importance of great supports and self-belief. Unisson Support Coordination Lead, Teresa Lam, has been following and supporting Lisa for 6 years. Living in one of Unisson’s shared living homes for the past 6 years, Lisa dreamt of breaking into open employment. And guess what? Lisa finally got her dream job! 🎉

Initially, Lisa worked in our supported employment facility, Pack Works at Thornleigh, where she was supported by our employment facilitators to complete a range of tasks each day, from collating materials for mail order businesses, through to learning computer skills. She also enjoyed doing work experience at Unisson’s main corporate headquarters a few years ago, where she learned many new skills and made lots of new friends!

Recently, with Teresa’s guidance and support, Lisa knew it was time to set her sights on open employment. With Unisson’s backing, Lisa earned Cert I and II in Hospitality, and even whipped up a storm with a Cert II in Baking! 👩‍🍳🥧 These qualifications landed her a gig in open employment a couple of months ago as a Catering Assistant at Ashfield Baptist Homes, where she's been dishing out smiles three days a week. We could not be more excited for Lisa!



Lisa's responsibilities include serving food to the aged care residents, ensuring they receive the appropriate diet, and preparing tea and coffee. According to Teresa, “Lisa’s attention to detail, commitment to food safety, and strong work ethic have made her a valuable asset to her team.”

At her workplace, Lisa takes immense pride in her professional appearance, donning her uniform and headgear with confidence. Her colleagues have commended her for her positive attitude, further strengthening her sense of purpose and achievement.  According to Lisa, she loves the job and has a very supportive boss.

Another important aspect of Lisa’s new job is being able to travel independently to and from work 🚍, which she has been supported to do by her home team. Teresa says, “Navigating the public transportation system has also been a significant milestone for Lisa, catching both buses and trains. Not only does it demonstrate her growing confidence, but also reflects her awareness of personal safety concerns.”

Lisa's not just about work, though. She's saving up her hard-earned money for a dream beach holiday with her boyfriend. This isn't just about financial freedom; it's Lisa's chance to live her dream, and she's determined to make waves 🏖️.

Unisson is bursting with pride for Lisa. We've watched her transform and supported her to find her YES.

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