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Kate and Ruthy: an unstoppable team

Kate has always had a cheerful and happy disposition, aspiring to become an actress and be in the spotlight. Kate has faced many challenges in her life, however the support provided by Direct Support Professional (DSP) turned friend Ruthy has given Kate the confidence to shine in all that she does. In fact, Kate’s love for life and infectious personality has led her to become a household name and a much loved ‘celebrity’ amongst the locals of St Ives.

The duo met each other over 10 months ago when Kate became a client at Unisson Disability, a leading service provider helping NDIS participants in the Sydney, Hunter Valley and Newcastle regions. Ruthy provides Supported Living (drop-in support) services for Kate including assistance with household tasks, personal grooming, cooking and making the journey with Kate to work in her motorized scooter. Although Kate happily proclaims she is self-sufficient with managing everyday tasks, she admits it can be challenging and having the extra assistance has allowed her to focus on enjoying life and excelling in her career at her local Woolworths.

“Ruthy helps me get ready for work in the mornings by making me breakfast and preparing my other meals. She also helps me shower and helps clear the passageways so I can get to work safely. I can do it alone, but it is a bit slower and can be tiring”, she said. The pair have their weekly routine down pat and have formed a special friendship, looking forward to their time together each week. They share jokes, discuss their interests, hobbies, and weekend plans.

“Ruthy makes getting ready so much easier. We like to joke around and have a few laughs. She is nice, friendly, caring and makes our time together enjoyable”, Kate said.

Ruthy has also noticed changes in Kate’s outlook on life since providing Supported Living services. She finds Kate is now dedicating her energy into excelling in her career and enjoying her customer-facing role at Woolworths. “I’ve noticed she has a spring in her step and looks forward to each day and the mornings we spend together. She has become a local celebrity with people stopping by to speak to her. Kate is a very determined person – nothing stops her!” she said.

Kate is a disability advocate in the local community, proving that people with a disability can experience the same opportunities as everyone else. She believes Ruthy has given her a leap of faith to try new hobbies and take part in everyday activities including going to the gym and to the movies. “I may have a disability, but you just don’t know how much impact (someone like me) can have in the community. Ruthy has helped to get me out there each day and to show the world what I’ve got. It’s important for me to have a job, to keep occupied and for other people to know that we can work, take part, and give things a go”, Kate said.

Supported Living (otherwise known as drop-in support) gives NDIS participants the flexibility to have control over the level of support, whenever they require it. Unisson’s support workers assist clients to gain independence and offer daily living skills training in the individual’s home, local community, or closest Community Access Hub. For more information contact Unisson via hello@unisson.org.au or 1300 266 222.

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