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A Dinner Party to Remember

While everyone was locked down across Greater Sydney during the winter months, Unisson support staff were busy creating unique and memorable experiences for our clients who were subject to the stay-at-home orders.

At the height of the lockdown, a lovely evening was put together at a Unisson shared living home, with staff assisting clients to arrange their own dinner party.

The money for the meal was donated by a friend of the clients. As restaurants were closed to in-house diners, the meal was provided courtesy of a home delivery service.

Clients Tim and Peter were given the choice of exotic cuisines and they chose food from a local Chinese restaurant. They also asked for beer and champagne – and of course dessert!

Before the big day, support workers and staff discussed the evening in the shared living home and how they wanted it to unfold – with everyone agreeing to dress up for the occasion. Tim and Peter chose to hold the dinner party at a time when one of their favourite support workers, Karen, was on shift.

Meanwhile, support worker Vicki stayed beyond her own shift so that she could set the table, serve the meal to Tim, Peter and Karen, and then do the washing up afterwards, to make it special.

There were plenty of laughs during the dinner and both Tim and Peter gave speeches. They toasted their friend who had donated the money for the meal and later sent photos and a “thank you” card for making the special evening possible.

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