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NDIS helps Bernice achieve her goals

Unisson Supported Independent Living (SIL) client Bernice has been connected with RDA riding centres since she was a teenager. She was introduced to their equestrian programs initially by a family member as a way of embracing her profound love for horses.

Bernice returned to RDA a few months ago after taking a break and is loving the activities. Most importantly, she says she is happy to be spending time with the horses.

RDA programs were developed to help people with disability grow their confidence and self-esteem while learning new skills. They have benefited many thousands of Australians over several decades through the therapeutic benefits of building relationships with animals and enjoying the social aspects of the programs. Support is also given by allied health professionals to participants who require associated occupational therapy or communication support. Overall, the programs aim to provide a fun environment and enrich the lives of those who attend – whether it’s riding, connecting through “pony time” or being involved in “horse care” activities.

These days, as well as riding, Bernice she gets to groom the horses and sometimes lead them around the arena.

Unisson Team Leader Maddison says, “I love hearing Bernice chat about RDA – she is so passionate about horses and cares for them deeply. I’m glad we are able to support her to fulfill her passion and her goals in this way.”

When not riding or caring for horses, Bernice also loves to collect horse figurines and has been adding to her collection over several years. She frequently travels to the Blue Mountains to a specialty toy shop in Leura to purchase new figurines when they become available. Bernice has developed a special relationship with the manager of the shop who keeps her up to date when new stock becomes available.

Pictured below: Bernice loves to spend quality time connecting with the horses at RDA.

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