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Bernice Finding Ways to Share her Passion

Unisson Supported Independent Living (SIL) client, Bernice, lives in the relatively new suburb of The Ponds in north-western Sydney, part of the Blacktown local government area. Every week or so, Bernice catches a train by herself to Leura to visit a special toy shop which brings her great joy. She often shares her enthusiasm for the shop with her housemates and her support workers.

Bernice has been visiting the toy shop for years and has developed a really nice relationship with the shop’s manager. Located in the heart of the Leura Mall – a popular tourist destination for visitors to the Blue Mountains – Leura Toy Shop is jam-packed with a wide range of toys for all ages, including collectibles. Bernice has a particular interest in collecting toy horse figurines and the shop’s manager will call Bernice when new horses become available.

A few weeks ago, Bernice approached her SIL housemate Ellie to ask if she would like to visit the shop. She suggested they take a look around Leura and also visit the Three Sisters at Katoomba. Ellie loved the idea, and so Bernice communicated this to Julie, their support worker, who helped them plan a day out.

Rugged up against the wintery weather, Bernice, Ellie and Julie left early in the morning for their adventure. When they arrived at Leura, Bernice led the way, showing Ellie and Julie around. She introduced them to people she knew, demonstrating the strong community connections she had built on her own.

To cap off a perfect day, Bernice purchased another beautiful figurine, while Ellie purchased a small toy puppy.

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