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NDIA CEO, Martin Hoffman, Welcomes Terrey Hills Community Access & Art Center

On Tuesday 10th March we were pleased to welcome NDIA CEO, Martin Hoffman, to our newly opened Community Access & Art centre at Terrey Hills, along with staff, clients and their families.  

The newly renovated and custom-built facilities at Terrey Hills include a large bright indoor activity space, two sensory rooms, a custom-designed music room, along with an adjoining art studio that is accompanied by a large peaceful outdoor activity area.  

To start the morning off clients, families and staff were welcomed with morning tea followed by a tour of the new facilities, finishing the tour with speeches made by Mr Hoffman and Unisson’s CEO, David Kneeshaw.  

“While our journey with the NDIS started 6 years ago, we have transitioned most of our services to the NDIS over the last 3 years, and it’s starting to become business as usual. We are now starting to look towards the future and what opportunities we want to invest in for our clients,” said David. 

“We can all be very proud that Australia has decided as a society that we’re going to treat people with disability in a different way than we’ve done before, and increase the support and the care that we provide through the government to do that,” said Mr Hoffman. “It’s about each individual participant and family who are caring for, and loving a person with disability, and have the opportunity to take part in the activities here at Unisson and that’s why I was really excited to be here with you this morning to offer my support”. 

To end a great morning, clients and families were offered the opportunity to join Unisson staff to enjoy a BBQ in the new outdoor activity space. 

“Thanks for all our clients and their families for the support that they provide us, that is what we are here for and that’s what we focus on doing,” said David.