fbpxWestfield Tuggerah release 'Quiet Hour' Initiative | Unisson Disability


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In an aim to create an inclusive environment for all customers Westfield Tuggerah has released their new Quiet Hour initiative to offer a shopping experience where all customers feel welcomed and valued.

For the customers who face the challenge of shopping in a high sensory environment, going to a shopping centre can be overwhelming with all the lights, music and buzzers. During this hour Westfield Tuggerah will dim their lighting, adjust the volume of music and turn off any buzzers to create a low-sensory shopping experience.

Quiet Hour will be held every Tuesday from 10:30am till 11:30am, along with participating retailers Coles & Woolworths who will also part take in the initiative across numerous NSW locations.

For customers who are unable to make the hour initiative, sensory headphone kits will be available from the Westfield Tuggerah concierge. Sensory headphone kits can also be hired from other participating retailers, Event Cinemas and Coles.