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Why choose a local Support Coordinator

Navigating the NDIS has never been more complex – a Support Coordinator’s role is to help you understand your NDIS plan and connect you with the people and support that will enable you to live the life you choose.

If you’re reviewing your current plan, or looking for support to start your plan, we have outlined four benefits of having a Support Coordinator live local to you when deciding if a Support Coordinator is right for you:

1. Local Knowledge

Having a Support Coordinator live local to you, means they will have a good understanding of the local community, resources, and support services available nearby. They will have in depth knowledge about local providers and programs that could help you achieve your personal goals and for you to be part of your local community.

2. Accessibility

With your Support Coordinator being close by, it’s easier to schedule meetings and appointments with them – this is incredibly important if you have mobility issues or find it difficult to access transportation. With a local Support Coordinator, they will be able to come to you, or suggest a local café or hotspot that is easily accessible.

3. In Person Support

With technology issues common in today’s digital world, working with a Support Coordinator in-person can allow for better communication and ultimately build a stronger working relationship.

4. Community Connections

Support Coordinators thrive on building connections with organisations in their local community – by building these community connections, Support Coordinators can stay up to date with local programs and services that may be beneficial to you. They may be able to connect you with new social programs that allow you to connect with other people with similar interests or needs, or refer you to programs and services that can help you achieve your goals.

These are just a few benefits of having a Support Coordinator live local to you. When deciding if a Support Coordinator is right for you there are a few other key factors to consider. These include; communication style, expertise & experience, availability and compatibility.

If you currently have Support Coordination as part of your NDIS plan and are actively looking for a Support Coordinator local to you – our Unisson Support Coordination team currently live local to you in the Sydney, North Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter regions.

Our team can help you achieve goals such as:

  • Be part of your local community
  • Join a social group
  • Find a TAFE course
  • Move out of home
  • Find a program that supports you to learn new skills like how to cook

And much more!

No matter your goal, we’ve got you.

Our Support Coordinators are locals.

We know the best people in town to recommend.

Chat to us about Support Coordination today!

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