Unisson Disability’s vision and purpose are inspired by the drive and dedication of our founder, Dr Lorna Hodgkinson.

Our Vision

A world where every person is welcomed

Our Purpose

Working together to create possibilities for a great life

Our Values

Generosity – we give our hearts and minds in an effort to understand others
Inclusion – we celebrate diversity and seek to ensure everyone is valued and respected
Courage – we are brave in our intent to be authentic and advocate for what is right
Creativity – we work together to find the yes, and encourage new ways of doing and thinking

Our Connection with You

At Unisson Disability, we believe human connection is the key to delivering a high standard of customer service to the people we support. Our unique service model is based on some key principles that guide our employees and give them the tools to build experiences with clients that have a substantial impact.

It’s what sets us apart as a provider of disability support to you and your family.

We believe in learning about people’s unique stories, searching for common ground, always finding the ‘yes’, being authentic and creating memorable connections with each individual that we support. The support we provide is what we do, the connection we create is HOW we do it.