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Entering the Workforce and Other Post-school Options for People with Disability

It can be overwhelming graduating from school – are you looking for some job-training, or perhaps entering the Supported Employment workforce for the first time? For many, these programs are the ticket to becoming independent, earning a living, and contributing to the community. 

This short article will walk you through:

This article will help you understand some options available after leaving school, so you can enjoy your newly found freedom, whilst feeling supported, welcome, and excited for what’s ahead! 

What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment allows people with a disability the opportunity to participate in paid and meaningful work with extra support. Like most workplaces, Supported Employment is a great way to make new friends, earn money and learn new skills. It can also help build confidence and self-esteem. At Unisson, we offer interested and eligible participants roles at Unisson Works.

About Unisson Works

Unisson Works is a supported employment business run by Unisson, and we pride ourselves on giving NDIS participants the opportunity to reach their goals and become more confident through employment opportunities. 

Our two divisions, Ground Works and Pack Works, provide services in a supportive, safe and encouraging environment across lawn and garden maintenance, package assembly tasks, and letter collation. 

Capacity Building Supports help build your essential skills to pursue your goals. Finding and Keeping a Job category must be part of your NDIS Plan for you to be eligible for employment relate support, training and assessments including school leaver employment supports. 

What other options does Unisson offer for School-leavers?

School Leaver Employment Support and Eligibility 

For people who have recently graduated from school, or are about to, the School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) might be of interest. SLES is a specific funding item from the NDIS and is designed to focus on improving vocational and life skills, to ensure people have the right resources and support to enter the workforce. 

If SLES funding is approved, school leavers are eligible to receive support for up to two years, with a variety and diverse range of resources and supports including: 

  • Assistance finding work experience opportunities 

  • Training and education  

  • Key skills development: Time Management, Travelling, Money Handling, Taking Instructions, Understanding Workplace Expectations  

After SLES training is complete, our graduates will have the tools to join a thriving workplace in an industry that interests them. 

Our Employment Training Programs 

At Unisson Disability, we run employment training programs at our six Community Access Hubs across Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast regions. The programs are run in small groups or with 1:1 support, depending on the stage of the program and participant’s support needs. 
Our programs are suitable for school leavers and those looking to gain new workforce skills.  

We also offer a general Life Skills development program for those looking to build their independence. 

At these training programs, we cover skills including (but not limited to):  

Life skills 

We provide a range of programs to help build skills in: 

  • Cooking 

  • Home duties 

  • Social skills  

  • Computer skills and cyber safety 

  • Safety in the community  

  • Personal hygiene and grooming 

  • Skills-based participation in the community 

Vocational skills 

Vocational skills are essential for those looking to join the workforce, some of our skills training modules include:  

  • Travel training:  How to travel using public transport, how to identify bus and train routes, how to respond to changes in routine travel, the use of transport technology, and understanding risks to travel safely. 

  • Time management: Develop time management skills, how to plan ahead, and how to prioritise tasks and work within time limits. 

  • Money handling and personal budget: Build your independence with money to safely purchase items in the community, and to effectively manage money. 

  • What to expect in the workplace: Explore expectations of work, and how they are different from home and school. These sessions cover appropriate social interactions and use of technology to personal grooming and presentation. 

  • Working in a team and taking instructions: Techniques to build strong work relationships with your colleagues and how to interact in a professional and positive manner with co-workers and management. 

  • Building a resume: Build skills for resume writing and writing a professional cover letter. 

  • Interview skills: How to answer interview questions through role play, helping build confidence and help prepare for future interviews. 

Unisson also provides support to individuals trialing a range of different job types through work experience, to help them find their perfect job! Our network of local employers provide on-the-job support in a welcoming, safe and encouraging environments. 

All our Community Access Hubs provide mentoring support for people to undertake vocational assessment and explore industry options, to determine whether it is the right fit, depending on their personal goals and interests.


For more information about Supported Employment at Unisson Works, SLES, our Employment Training Program or to visit one of our Community Access hubs, contact us via 1300 266 222 or email hello@unisson.org.au. 

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