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Specialist Supports See Darrin Flourish

Getting the most out of your NDIS plan can be a complicated and confusing task to tackle on your own. However, through Unisson’s Support Coordination service, Darrin Pryor from Hornsby, is connecting with new support services and seeing positive outcomes.

For Unisson client Darrin, connecting with his Support Coordinator Ros has meant a whole array of new opportunities have become available. With Ros dedicated to assisting Darrin to find the right providers and services to best support him, her in-depth understanding of NDIS funding and her extensive industry contacts, she is able to ensure he maximizes his plan. 

For Darrin, a key goal was increasing his independent living skills, particularly developing his skillset, knowledge and confidence in the kitchen. With the help of Ros, Darrin connected with the Chefs That Care program, and he is seeing great results.

"It’s really rewarding being able to collaborate with various service providers, in order to find the best possible programs, services and supports for Darrin,” says Ros of her role in coordinating supports for Darrin. “When I found the Chefs That Care program, I knew it would be a great fit for Darrin, and help him to reach his goals and increase his independence."

Darrin and Jake in the kitchen

Chefs That Care is a specialist NDIS service provider running adapted in-home cooking classes for people with disability. Chefs That Care founder, Jake, is a former professional chef and has been visiting Darrin in his home for their one-on-one cooking classes each week.

“Darrin is such a friendly and capable man,” says Jake. “We’ve been working on the importance of healthy foods, learning achievable recipes, learning how to safely use sharp knives, graters and other cooking tools and utensils. We also focus on how to safely operate a hot stove and oven, as well as increasing Darrin’s knowledge of food safety.”

The collaborative partnership has seen Darrin’s skillset and confidence improve within only a few short weeks, and Darrin’s love for the kitchen is ever apparent. “I love cooking with Jake,” says Darrin. “I like being able to make my favourite foods and also learn new recipes.”

As Darrin continues to work with Jake and Chefs That Care to increase his independent living skills, he’s also excited about looking for employment, “I really want to get a job,” says Darrin. “I think I might like to try working at a café because I’m good in the kitchen,” he says. 

“I’ve seen Darrin really improve his skills, independence and confidence in the kitchen over our time together, and it’s only the beginning,” says Jake. “I think he’d be a real asset to any workplace, I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes him.”

Ros continues to look for opportunities to collaborate with specialist providers, and is working behind the scenes to assist Darrin with his next goal of finding meaningful employment, “It’s a great feeling to know that I’m making a difference by connecting Darrin with the right people,” says Ros.

“Working together to achieve great outcomes is what it’s all about.”